Why we're here

Hey you, sitting there sitting on the couch, binge-watching everything you can find, shoving Haagen Dazs in your face while Tindering your ass off: 

We get it. Dating SUCKS. And we wish that we, like Cinderella's fairy godmother, could make an amazing guy (who thinks those ugly sweats are hot) appear in your living room right now. But we can't.

What we can give you is a shit-ton of empathy in the form of real, honest and raw articles from hundreds of writers on Bolde, and these awesome AF greeting cards. Send them to your friends who, thanks to all the crappy guys out there who want girlfriend perks without commitment, are in grave danger of turning into bitter, cynical bitches who can't be happy for anyone. Or send them to all those dudes who acted like they might become your husband but were actually only trying to get into your panties. 

The bottom line: these cards are little kicks to the gut for the guys who break your heart and long, tight hugs for the besties who always have your back and might need a little appreciation or a pep talk.

Go on -- don't be cheap. Buy a card. Or three. Or five. Or all of 'em. You'll be supporting Bolde's mission of helping single women make smart dating choices -- in other words, we help the ladies figure out when to double down and when to walk the fuck away, head held high. Admittedly, that's not as important a cause as, say, eradicating hunger from the planet but it's a stubborn problem nevertheless -- have you ever seen a woman convince herself that some guy who couldn't give two shits about her is her "soulmate"?? Just sayin -- there are women out there who need sage advice and we're doing our best to provide it, straight up, with the least amount of bullshittery.